Happy Winter!! Winter is coming, and with it fluffy and fuzzy winter coats. With a quick body clip, however, you ad your horse can be riding comfortably all winter long. From pleasure riders to winter show experts, KR Equine is here to help. Let us take care of the maintenance and show prep, so you can enjoy the Winter Wonderland!
       When I was a little girl, getting to show my pony was like a dream come true. I would look up in awe at all the beautiful horses of the older riders, and wish that one day I could show like that. I knew I wanted to be like them no matter how much work it took, and so I practiced braiding and banding my pony day and night.
       Now that I am no longer 8, but still horse crazy, I strive to give each of my customers that
Our Mission
incredible confidence in the ring that comes from know that you and your horse are clean-cut and turned out to perfection. Whether you are running short on time, dealing with disobedient braids that keep falling out, or just can't seem to get your bands to lay flat, we can help! Your satisfaction is our priority, and we will work hard to make you and your horse look your best!

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