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Brrrrrrr.......Woodstove time!
Hi everyone! Summer is definitely over, but the riding season definitely is not. Whether you're getting some chilly weather showing in, or just hunter paces and some great fall trail riding, KR Equine can help you.

Cold weather showing can be especially stressful, with an entire extra set of things to worry about. We'll take care of your braiding, banding, and clipping needs, and you'll be able to check a few more things off your to-do list.

Any rider who wants to ride in the fall and winter knows that they will generally end up at least partially body clipping to get through the cold months. Even if you're only schooling and trail riding, all that heavy winter hair can really get in the way. Body clipping can be time consuming and difficult, so why worry about it? Let KR Equine do your clipping for you, and save your back and your time!

New Blog!
Hi Everyone! I've just added this blog feature, where you can ask questions about KR Equine, braiding and show grooming in general, or anything else horsey. This should serve as a forum for people to share information and ideas. I will be updating this as frequently as possible with answers to questions, updates, or any interesting information I come across. Enjoy, and happy riding!

KR Equine
Kelsey Reppert
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